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BEFORE YOU GO --- !!! 

WRITING ART REVIEWS OR POSTER PROPOSAL ASSIGNMENTS > 10 Methods of Writign Art Reviews and 10 Methods for Creating Show Poster Proposals 


You have to complete 10 different types of art reviews about exhibitions you visited in town OR you have to complete 10 different show poster proposals for the course, or any mix thereof that adds up to 10 assignments.

You have to submit your art reviews and/or poster proposals to blackboard as well as bring a copy on a drive to present in class each week.



Assignment 1: Formalist review & proposal:

  • This method of writing is often use to described formal innovations in an “Emerging Artist Show” or a “New Turn in an Artist’s Work”.
  • Go see a show where you find a work or works that look like something you haven't seen before and write about it!
  • Show Proposal: “Favorite new / emerging artists” or “Dramatic departure or development in the work”.


Assignment 2: Iconography review & proposal:

  • This method of writing often describes a Greatest Hits Show of canonized pieces or seminal figures in art.
  • Go see a show that includes iconic figures in art that inspire you and write about it!
  • Show Proposal: “Favorite well known artists” or “Favorite well known pieces”.

Assignment 3: Biographical/Psychological review & proposal:

  • This method of writing often describes an artist’s life and personal struggles.
  • Go see a show that includes peices by an artist's life that you want to know more about and write about it!
  • Show Proposal: “Retrospective Show” or a “Favorite single artist”.         


Assignment 4: Gender Studies review & proposal:

  • This method of writing is usually used to describe ‘normative’ cultural assumption about gender, race and sexuality.
  • Go see a show where the artist has challenged cultural stereotypes and write about it!
  • Show Proposal: “Favorite critical artist or artists of cultural norms” or "Favorite critical artist or artists of cultural Sterotypes".


Assignment 5: Social history review & proposal:

  • This method of writing is usually used to describe the social influence of living in a certain time and place on art production.
  • Go see a show where you find a work or works that reflect the times the artist was living in and write about it!
  • Show Proposal: “Favorite period of art” or “Favorite place where art was made”.

Assignment 6: Semiotic/Structuralist review & proposal:

  • This method of writing is usually used to describe a genre or art and its conventions.
  • Go see a show where you find a work or works from a genre or style that you want to analyze and write about it!
  • Show Proposal: “Favorite genre of art” or “Favorite style of art”. 

Assignment 7: Deconstructionist / Post-Structuralist:

  • This method of art writing is usually used to describe "experimental" or "exploratory works".
  • Go see a show where you find a work or works that you don't understand at all, or how they are even art, and write about it!
  • Show Proposal: “Favorite type of art that you don’t know what it means”.


Assignment 8: Comparative Review & Proposal:

  • This method of writing is usually used to describe a Two Person Show or comparative works from two different schools, times, or places.
  • Go see a show where you find two or more works by different artists and write a comparative analysis about it!
  • Show Proposal: “Two favorite artists that you’d like to see in a show together” or “Two school or movements of art that you’d like to see together in a show”.


Assignment 9: Art Historical Review and Proposal:

  • This method of writing is usually used to describe a big survey show or a big topic show.
  • Go see a show where you find works that are grouped together under a big theme or idea write about the shows relation to other shows that address the same kinds of issues or content!
  • Show Proposal: “Favorite ‘topic’ you’d like to see a show about”.


Assignment 10: Gallery or Museum Review/critique & Proposal:

  • This method of writing mixes all the modes of analysis together to critique an exhibition or museum show.
  • Go see a show at a museum or gallery and write a critical review of it using all of the different modalities or writing and analysis discussed in this course!
  • Show Proposal: “Counter-proposal to an already existing show” or a “Counterproposal to one of your own past proposals”.






Make sure to see what is on exhibition and that it fits the assignment before choosing a place to go write about art!


ASU Musuem or ASU Galleries: Harry Wood / Gallery 100 / Step Gallery

Phoenix Art Musuem

SMoCA (Scottsdale Museum of Conteporary Art)

PHICA (Phoenix Institute of Contemprary Art)

Lisa Sette Gallery

Bentely Gallery

Eye Lounge

Modified Arts


Gallery {9}




Altamira Fine Art
Amery Bohling
Andre Kohn
Art One
Blue Rain
Bonner David
Broken Bullet
Calvin Charles
Cattle Track Arts Compound
Costello Childs Contemporary
Gallery @ Appaloosa Library
Gallery Russia
Gebert Contemporary
Heritage Gallery
Hermosa Inn Art Studio & Gallery
JGallery @ VOSJCC
Joan Cawley
Livery Studio Space (Scottsdale Public Art)
Musical Instrument Museum
On the Edge
Pejman Fine Art (gallery on north side of Main is closing)
Riva Yares
River Trading
Scottsdale Civic Center Library — The Gallery @ …
Scottsdale Community College – Foundry + Fine Arts Building
Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art
Scottsdale Museum of the West
Sunmor Fine Art Gallery
Tilt Gallery
Udinotti Gallery
Udinotti Museum of Figurative Art (PV) (by reservation)
Walter Art Gallery
Wilde Meyer (main and Annex)
Working Artists Studio
Zuva Gallery

Phoenix – Roosevelt Row, Grand Avenue, Warehouse, etc.

1205 Space
180 Degree Auto Art Gallery
40 Owls
6th Avenue Gallery
720 Gallery
{9} The Gallery
A.E. England / Fair Trade Gallery
The Allery (911 N. 4th St.)
Alwun House
Arizona Latino Arts and Cultural Center (ALAC) (Galeria 147)
Art Institute of Phoenix
ArtSpace West (ASU)
ASU University Center (Action, Advocacy, Arts – College of Public Programs)
Bentley Gallery
Bokeh at monOrchid
Bragg’s Pie Factory
Burton Barr Central Library – @Central Gallery
Burton Barr — Second Space Gallery
Capture 12
Central Arts Plaza (lobby)
Coe House Gallery
The Collective at The Artery
Combine Studios (ASU)
Creation Station
Desert Botanical Garden
Ed Mell Gallery
Eric Fischl Gallery (Phoenix College)
Eye Lounge / MADE
Firehouse Gallery
First Studio
Francesca’s Art Gallery
Gallery @ City Hall
Garfield Galleria
Groove on Grand
Heard Museum
Herberger Theatre Center (2nd floor gallery)
The Hive
Icehouse (
La Melgosa
The LAB Pop-Up Gallery
The Lab 137 / 11th Monk3y
Legend City Studios
Lisa Sette Gallery
The Lodge Art Studio
Lotus Contemporary Arts
Luna Culture Lab
Miami Art Works
Modified Arts
New City Studio
North Central Art Gallery

Northlight Gallery (ASU)
Off Madison Ave.
Olney Gallery at Trinity Cathedral
Palabra (gallery at 630 E. Pierce)
Palabra Hair Art Collective (pop-up at The Union)
Perihelion Arts (pop-up galleries)(perihelion
phICA Hotbox
Phoenix Art Museum
Phoenix Art Spaces
Phoenix Center for the Arts
Phoenix Pride LGBT Center
Por Vida
Practical Art
PVCC Center for the Arts Gallery
Release the Fear
Revival Art Collective
Rhetorical Galleries (hotboxes)
The Sagrado
Shade West at the Renaissance Hotel
Shemer Arts Center
Sky Harbor International Airport
Sky Line Gallery
Spin Six Gallery at Off Madison Ave
Stark Gallery (@XCP)
Step Gallery at Grant Street Studios (ASU)
Tonatierra Nahuacalli
Treeo Gallery
Tuomisto Bell Studio Foundry
University Club
Warehouse 1005
The Winnie
Xico Galeria (
YAG Art Studio

Tempe, Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert

530WEST Gallery, Tempe
Arizona Museum for Youth
Arizona State University Art Museum
ASU Art Museum Brickyard
Art Intersection (various venues)
Chandler Center for the Arts (gallery)
Fine Art Complex 1101, Tempe
Gallery 4 @ Art Intersection, Gilbert
Gallery 100 (ASU)
Gammage Auditorium (lobby)
Harry Wood Gallery (ASU)
Mesa Contemporary Arts
Night Gallery (ASU)
Ryan Gallery (inside Art Intersection)
Tempe Center for the Arts
Tempe Public Library
U.S. Post Office windows on Mill Avenue
Vihel Activity Center
Vision Gallery

West Valley

West Valley Arts HQ, Surprise
Gallery Glendale at Westgate
In-Power Boutique
Mosaic Arts Center
Peoria City Hall Art Gallery (
Western Avenue Artwalk
WHAM Art Gallery, Surprise

Coconino Center for the Arts

Make sure to plan your visit!

Make sure that the gallery or museum you are going to see work at is open during the time you plan on going. 


Make sure to call ahead and see if they are giving any free talks, free nights, or other special events that might interest you.



Writing about artworks and exhibitions that you visit is a big part of learning to think critically about exhibition design. There is no substitute for undertanding how the gallery world works other than to visit key shows in the vallery, write about them, and sharing your thoughts in peer review critiques. Understanding different modes of analyzing artworks and exhibitions is an essential component of developing timely and innovative programming in the arts.

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