Art Exhibition Class

Exhibition Planning &
Gallery Management

A USER'S GUIDE TO THE STEP GALLERY > Rules, Regulations and Artist Responsibilities. 



PART ONE: Exhibitions, Usage, Duration, and Employment.


  • Step Gallery is primarily used for MFA Exhibitions
  • Step Gallery is also used for exhibitions by SoA clubs
  • Step Gallery also accepts open proposals to be reviewed twice annually. 



  • Step Gallery should be filled with an exhibition at all times.
  • Step Gallery can also be rented out to be an event venue for parties outside the SoA.
  • Proposals to exhibit can be made at: (add link) Rental proposals can be made at: (add link)



  • Exhibitions at Step Gallery will genrally run one to two weeks.
  • Step Gallery does not currently host shows over winter and summer break.
  • Step Gallery can be used for special events or rented out by third parties for specified period of time.



  • Step Gallery uses work-study students and independent contract workers  to sit the gallery as well as employing a lighting technician. 
  • The gallery sitters/assistants and the lighting technician job will be posted on MyAsu under on-campus jobs. (add link)
  • The application period opens at the beginning of each semester and stays open for one to two weeks. 
  • Links to the gallery sitter's duties:




PART TWO: Opening, Closing, Regular Hours and Sitting the Gallery.


  • Step Gallery has its Opening Reception on 1st and 3rd Fridays from 6-9pm.
  • Exhibitions at Step Gallery tend to run for approximately 1-2 weeks and will have only one opening night.



  • Artists and student workers use the code to get in the door and a second code to open the lock box.



  • Step Gallery has regular hours on Thursday-Saturday from Noon until 5pm.
  • Step Gallery is also open 1st and 3rd Fridays from 6-8pm.
  • Step Gallery can be open by appointment with the artist, if requested.



  • The gallery attendants are hired from the Work Study program and are scheduled to sit by the Galleries Director.
  • Shifts for gallery attendants may be split for the day or on alternating days.
  • Shifts and designated duties include greeting visitors, tracking attendance and providing information about the exhibit, helping with changing shows, painting, sweeping and general maintenance duties. (​)



  • Codes and keys are known only to the exhibiting parties and work study students who signed up to be sitting Step Gallery and the lighting tech. 
  • Exhibiting parties and work study students must know the code to the front door to get into Grant Street Studios and the code to the lock box to get into Step Gallery and open it.
  • If there is a problem with access issues call the Galleries Director immediately at (480) 760-1709.




PART THREE: Installation, De-installation, Loan Forms and Tool Check-Out.

1. INSTALLATION AND DEINSTALLATION (5pm to noon the next day starting on Saturday):

  • De-install at Step Gallery may begin as soon as the gallery closes on the second Saturday at 5pm. The Gallery T.A./R.A. will meet with the parties that are de-installing to help move walls, return supplies to the media closet and to remind the exhibting parities to return the gallery back to normal with HOLES PATCHED and WALLS PAINTED LONG BEFORE NOON ON SUNDAY. THAT MEANS PATCHING ON SATURDAY AND SANDING ON SUNDAY AND PAINTING IN TIME FOR THE PAINT TO BE DRY BY NOON!!!!
  • Install at Step Gallery begins at noon on Sundays and goes until 5pm on Tuesday evening.
  • All exhibitions are installed by those parties alone as Step Gallery has no student workers for changing out exhibitions.



  • The Galleries Director or gallery T.A./R.A. will check-in the incoming artists by collecting a Loan Agreement from each of the them.
  • The Galleries Director or gallery T.A./R.A. should bring extra loan agreements on hand for the artists to fill out.
  • The Galleries Director or gallery T.A./R.A. should have tool check out/tool loan agreements on hand for artists to fill out.



  • The Galleries Director or gallery T.A./R.A. will also give the student/artist the combination to the lock box on the closet at the south side of the gallery.
  • All tools are cureent available in the closet for students.
  • There is currently no way to keep to students from accessing these tools at any given time.




PART FOUR: Lighting, Labels, Vinyl and Media Milestones.

1. The Galleries Director or gallery T.A./R.A. will coordinate with the work study student who does the lighting to come to Step Gallery on Tuesday evening after 6pm to adjust the lighting for the gallery. 

  • A work study student/lighting technician will light at Step Gallery on Tuesday evening after FINAL WALK-THROUGH at 5pm.
  • Students and artists are NOT to adjust the lighting on their own.
  • The Galleries Director or gallery T.A./R.A. can coordinate a meet-up between the work study student and the exhibiting student/guest curator if they want to be present while the lights are adjusted.


2. Labels or an image list must be provided by the exhibiting parties of all the works in the show with images of each work followed by:

  • The artist's name
  • Title of the work
  • Medium of the work
  • Dimensions of the work
  • Date of Completion


3. Vinyl or alternative signage must be provided by the artist/curator. 

Suggested places are:

  • The Mkrs Space on the Second Floor of Hayden Library which is free
  • Super Signs on University Dr., Unit #8, Tempe, Az. 85281. (480) 968-2200




PART FIVE: Exhibition Checklist 

1. Hardcopies of the loan forms for the work, equipment loan forms, and all other necessary documents should be handed into the Galleries Director or the gallery T.A./R.A.​ before or upon the delivery of the work.






PART SIX: Current Gallery Inventory List at Step Gallery

You should always be prepared to bring your own speciality supplies for installing. Our supplies are on loan and may or may not fit your needs. Below is a list of what we regularly stock at Step Gallery.


Office Furniture

54 - Folding Chairs- Beige metal

3 - Different Office Chairs

1 - Desk

2 - Media Carts - Black

1 - Cart – Grey

4 - 6ft Folding Tables – Plastic

1 - 6ft Folding Table – Wood

1 - 8ft Folding Table- Plastic

2 - Shelves



1 -  32” TV – Samsung

1 -  40” TV - Samsung

1 -  TV - Dynex

1 -  Speaker/ All in one PA System– Fender Model Passport 300 Pro

1 - CD/Tape/Stereo – Aiwa

1 - Projector – InFocus

1 - 4ft HDMI Cable

1 - Blu-ray/DVD Player -  Samsung Model BD-F5700


Power Tools

1 -  9” Sander

1 - Nail Gun

1 -  Circular Saw

1 - Drill – Black & Decker Model UD-0802



2 - Yard Rulers

1 - Drop Box – Uline 10”x3”x7”

1 - 4 ft Pole Sanders

2 - 6ft extension cords

2 - Levels

3 - Hand Saws

6 - Clamps

3 - Box cutters

19 - Flat Head Screwdrivers – Various sizes

4 - Phillips Head Screwdrivers

2 - Paint Can Openers

6 - Scissors

2 - Copper Wire Cutters

2 - Wire Cutters

1 - Locking/Vise Grip Pliers

1 - Slip-joint Pliers

1 - Linesman Pliers

1 - Needle Nose Pliers

1 - Crowbar – Small

1 - Mallet

6 - Hammers

1 - Caulk Gun

1 - Short Pole Extension for Paint roller – Purdy Yellow

1 - Long Pole Extension for Paint roller – Purdy Yellow

1 - Industrial Broom

3 - Paint Rollers

2 - Paint Pail/Cleaning Tray– Blue

2 - 5 Gallon Buckets – Blue

3 - 3pack Paint Roller Covers – 9” x 3/8” Soft woven. Pack of 3 in bag.

9 - Plastic Paint Trays – Sherwinn Williams Black

2 - Aluminum Paint Tray

2 - 3pack Plastic Drop Cloth – Husky 1 mil

2 - Used Aluminum Trays

3 -3” Paint Brushes – Blue

3 -4” Paint Brushes – Blue

3 -2” Paint Brushes – Blue

1 - Large Horizontal Dolly

2 - Small Horizontal Dolly

1 - Large Vertical Dolly

1 - Large Plastic Drop Cloth - Clear

1 - Small Plastic Drop Cloth - Clear

3 - Plastic Drop Cloth- Brown & Green

1 - Moving Blanket – Blue

Drill Bits - Various



3 - 5 Gallon Paint Buckets – Frazee Paint Eggshell Semimate

2 - 1 Gallon Paint Buckets – Frazee Paint Eggshell Semimate

1 - 5 Gallon Paint Bucket – Gidden Eggshell Semi-mate “Premium Interior”

1 - 28oz Paint Can – Gidden Semi gloss blue/purple

1 - 32oz Paint Can – Gidden Brown

1 - 32oz Paint Can – Rustoleum Aluminum

1 - 1 Gallon Paint Can – Behr Paint/Primer Purple?

4 - 16oz Spackling – Dap DryDex

2 - 2 1/16x 250 ft. Sheet Rock Joint Tape – Opened

2 - Contracter Shims - Opened

1 - 39 Gallon Trash Bags – Box Opened

1 - 1 Gallon Wood Glue – Titebond Opened

200 - Plastic Insulated Staples

Sand Paper – Various Sizes



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