Art Exhibition Class

Exhibition Planning &
Gallery Management

A USER'S GUIDE TO THE HARRY WOOD GALLERY > Rules, Regulations and Artist Responsibilities.



PART ONE: Exhibitions, Usage, Duration and Employment.


  • Harry Wood Gallery is primarily used for MFA Thesis exhibitions.
  • Harry Wood Gallery is also open to SoA clubs.
  • Harry Wood Gallery also accepts proposals to be reviewed twice annually.



  • Harry Wood Gallery should be filled with an exhibition at all times and should be book a full term or year in advance.  
  • The Harry Wood Gallery accepts proposals all year which are reviewed by committee twice a year.
  • Proposals can be made at



  • Most shows at Harry Wood Gallery run from one to two weeks.
  • Harry Wood Gallery also hosts juried shows over winter and summer break which run longer.
  • Harry wood can be used for special events hosted by the school or outside parties.



  • There are no employment opportunities outside of glalery T.A./R.A. and lighting technician duties. 
  • The lighting tech position will be posted on MyASU under on-campus jobs. (ADD Link)
  • The application period for work-study lighting technician opens at the beginning of each semester stays open for a week or two.




PART TWO: Opening, Closing, Regular Hours and Sitting the Gallery.


  • Openings at the Harry Wood Gallery are on select Tuesdays from 6-9pm.



  • Members of the Office staff lock and unlock the gallery Monday-Thursday from 9-5pm.
  • On Fridays when a show is closing the gallery is only open from 9-3pm because it closes 2 hours early for de-install.



  • The Harry Wood Gallery is open Monday – Thursday from 9-5. 
  • The Harry Wood Gallery is only open from 9am-3pm on the day an exhibition closes.
  • The Harry Wood Gallery is closed on weekends.



  • There are no sitters for the Harry Wood Gallery. 
  • It is monitored by the front desk.
  • It is open to the public.



  • Keys are held by the main office and the Galleries Director.
  • If there is a problem with the gallery access issues call the Galleries Director immediately at (480) 760-1709.




PART THREE: Installation, De-installation, Loan Agreements and Tool Check-Out.

1. BEGINNING AND ENDING TIMES (3-5pm on Fridays)

  • De-install at the Harry Wood Gallery is on Fridays 3-4pm with the help of student workers.
  • Installing at the Harry Wood Gallery is from 4pm-5pm on Fridays with the help of student workers or until finished.
  • Guest curators and solo shows, including MFA exhibitions, are installed by those parties alone.



  • At 3pm the student workers from the Gallery Exhibitions class are available to help with de-install and install.
  • Between 4-5pm, the Gallery Director or the gallery T.A./R.A. will check-in with the incoming artists by collecting a Loan Agreement for both the work and the tools needed for install as well as any equipment on loan for the duration of the exhibition.
  • Tools are to be collected on the cart and stored in the tool closet until the installation is complete.
  • The tool closet with then be locked by the Gallery Director after FINAL WALK-THROUGH on Sunday at 5pm.



  • Only curators or the exhibiting artist will be given a key to the doors of the gallery as well as the tool closet to continue installing over the weekend.
  • Curators and artists will not be given a key to the media room/pedestal closet. So they MUST check out any supporting media and pedestals for the weekend before the director, the gallery T.A./R.A. and student workers leave at 5pm if the installation is not finished.
  • They must then put all the tool back on the cart in an orderly fashion which the Galleries director will come lock up following lighting on Sunday evening after 5pm.




PART FOUR: Lighting, Labels, and Vinyl.

1. Gallery Director or the gallery T.A./R.Awill coordinate with lighting tech to come to GALLERY 100 on Sunday evening after 5 pm.  

  • Lighting the show happens at the Harry Wood Gallery on Sunday evening.
  • Students and artists are NOT to adjust the lighting on their own.
  • The Galleries Director or the gallery T.A./R.A. can coordinate a meet-up between the work study student and the exhibiting parties if they want to be present while the lights are adjusted.


2. Labels or an image list must be provided by the exhibiting parties of all the works in the show with images of each work followed by:

  • The artist's name
  • Title of the work
  • Medium of the work
  • Dimensions of the work
  • Date of Completion


3. Vinyl or alternative signage must be provided by the artist/curator. 

Suggested places are:

  • The Mkrs Space on the Second Floor of Hayden Library which is free
  • Super Signs on University Dr., Unit #8, Tempe, Az. 85281. (480) 968-2200




PART FIVE: Exhibition Checklist 

1. Hardcopies of the loan forms for the work, equipment loan forms, and all other necessary documents should be handed into the Galleries Director or the gallery T.A./R.A.​ before or upon the delivery of the work.






PART SIX: Current Gallery Inventory List


Harry Wood Inventory 9/11

Pedestals (27) (LxWxH)

2) 60 x 30 x 8”
14.5 x 14.5 x 36.25 “
24 x 24.5 x 36 "

12 x 12 x 42 “
12.5 x 12.5 x 42.5 “ 

12.75 x 12.75 x 39 “
12 x 12 x 36 “

16 x 16.25 x 37 “ 

12.25 x 12.25 x 43 “

(3) 14 x 14 x 48.5 “
16.5 x 16.5 x 36 “
18 x 18 x 40 “
24 x 24.5 x 36 “
19 x 19 x 43”
20 x 16 x 39 “
16 x 12 x 26 “
(6) 6.5 x 6.5 x 36.5 “
12.5 x 12.5 x 38.5 “
25.5 x 14 x 25.5”




(1) Horizontal dolly

(1) 5 Gallon tentacle white. flat. Dunn edwards

5 gallon Swiss Coffee. Flat. Dunn edwards

(1) 14” Floor Scraper

(1) Vertical Dolly

(1) Moving Blanket - (blue)

(1) Industrial broom

(1) Large dustpan

(1) Small dustpan

(1)Industrial mop

(1) Regular mop

(1) Mop Bucket

(1) Caution Cone Wet Floor

(2) Super White rolls of paper (107” x 50 Yards) Savage Paper Products. Wide tone seamless. 1- 50 super white

(1) 6 foot plastic folding table

(12) Plexi glass 24 x 48

(2) 182 bp wh 18.5 bracket made by; Knape 

(2) work horses

(1) 4 foot ladder

(2) 6 foot ladder

(1) 8 foot ladder




(1) projectors made by View Sonic black pjd7820hd DLP projector (1 present and 1 empty box one is missing)
$580 B&H

(1) projectors made by View Sonic  Lightstream pjd7828hdl DLP projector (new unopened)
$300 at Home Depot

(4) white cannon projector model #lb-8310 (and 1 carrying bag)

(3) rolling black backpack for projector

(1) epson projector model h550a (1 present and 1 missing, empty box)

(2) Blue ray player samsung bde5900

(2) blue ray player samsung model bdc5500

(1) blue ray player samsung model bd-d5100 blue ray dvd player convo bdjm57c (brand new)

(1) apple keyboard model a1048

(1) dell keyboard model 100

(1) 12 foot HDMI cable
$24 at!4223!3!47983870099!!!g!54996215070!

(1) s210 “storefront” popcorn hour 

(1) optima projector dip texas instruments optima pro 160s and

(1) carrying case (missing wires??)

(2) Samsung LCD tv 32” 
$280 at Best Buy

(1) medium cooler 
$18 at Target

(1) 2 way speaker monitor AN-1000x made by; anchor audio ink

(1) universal projector mount. brand is mustang mv-projsp 1 large tv mount projector , white, model #mw824st

(1) samsung Blue ray dvd player bd-jm57 (black)

(2) blue tooth portable speakers made by dell (brand new in box) Model ad211 grey 

(2) hdmi cable 10 ft long amazon basics 

(2) 2 pack 3.5 mm stereo audio cable.. black 12 feet. cable matters

(1) 25 feet 3.5 stereo audio cable black

(1) 10 pack female to female stereo audio cupler

(3) Jelco carrying cases for laptops      


(3) macbook A1286 17”

(5) small lamps (1 of the 5 is broken) model# b06115cch

(1) 19” dell monitor 1703FPt

(1) 20.5” dell monitor 1800FP 
$85 at

(2) universal ceiling projector mount - 7.9 inches Siig

(3) universal projector mounts ready set mount

(1) logitech stereo speakers z130 
$25 at

(1) powered computer speakers insignia

(1) box full of HDMI cables & DVI cables

(2) apple mouses model A1152
$49 at Apple store

(7) boxes of plexiglass various sizes 





3 cordless, 1 small BD, 1with cord
Tape Dispenser 1

Screwdrivers 15

Staple Guns 3

Crowbar 1

Vice/crescent wrench 3

Tin snips 1

Pliers 3

Hammers 4

Rubber Hammer 1

Levels 4 small, 2 medium 1 large 8

Scrapers-small 6

Rulers/yardsticks 9

Tape measure 5

Dolly's 2 rolling, one furniture 33

Saw handheld 1

Halogen flood lights 26

Spot lights 31

Glue gun 1

boxcutters 3

Circle bubble level 1

stud finder 1

Moving blanket 1

Ladders 1 large, 3small 4

Small folding table 1

Table horse 2

Movable walls 7

Paint trays 

Paint Rollers 10




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