Art Exhibition Class

Exhibition Planning &
Gallery Management

10 Gallery Rules




If you do not know how to center pictures on a wall or hang a picture at ‘60 inches center’ ask the T.A. or the Galleries Director and they will show you. Ask before you start hanging a show! Remember, you have to center all the pictures on a single wall before you can hand even one picture.



Make sure you turn in your loan agreement/liability wavier for your work to a T.A. or the Galleries Director before you install.



Do not borrow any tools without filling out a loan form first. Make sure to return all tools when done.



Do not expect anyone to install or de-install your show except for yourself.



Do not lift things that seem too heavy. Ask others for help even when you think you can do it alone. Make sure to use proper lifting procedures and bend using your knees, not your back.


Rule #6

Always save screws/nails/hardware. Do not throw anything away. We keep everything! Always Recycle!


Rule #7

Do not use more paint than is needed to cover an area. Do not roll whole walls if they don’t need it. Seal all containers! Do not let paint or spackle dry out! Rinse out rollers and brushes after you use them and make sure they are clean before you put them away. Do not throw them away!


Rule #8

When not using drills please leave them in the chargers!


Rule #9

Use wise judgment. Do not force or push things into places that aren't working. Use your judgment when drilling and hanging the show. Use caution. Don't force nail or screw if it feels like it could be drilling into a pipe or an electrical box.


Rule #10

Do not stack pedestals or pile them. Set them a few inches apart in the storage room and treat them with care.



Do not try to light your show. We have a lighting technician who shows up on Sunday evenings. (Timing varies) you can wait for him or leave specific directions/instructions. This will be coordinated by the T.A. or the Galleries Director at your request.

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