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You can adopt a graduate student to assist with their thesis exhibit.

You can do this one of two ways. The first is simply to sign up for gallery work on the day they install. This gives you a little bit of insight into the kind of work you'll be helping to install before you see it. You don't have to contact anyone to do this, simply pick the date of of install as one of your gallery working days. 

The second way to adopt a graduate student is to ask the teacher to reach out to them to see if they need any additional help in the weeks leading up to install, or on the day of install itself, or even during de-installation. This is a great way to see all the hard work that goes into planning an exhibition. If you are interested in adopting a graduate student pelase notify the instructor. 

Our current Gradaute students exhitbiing this Spring are: 

Travis Ivey

Travis Rice

Molly Koehn

Rachel Goodwin

Elliot Kayser

Zach Valent

John Tuomisto-Bell

Randal De Caussin

Jessica Palomo

Hakyoung Kim

Priya Thorresen

William Jamison

Hannah Walsh

Shane Lutz

Chris Vena

Shahabedin Sagheb


The dates and times they exhibit are listed: HERE

Simply coordinate your working schedule in the galleries to line up with your favorite gradaute student install.

Graduate students showing at Step are especially appreciative of being adopted because they don't get any regular gallery assistence from the gallery exhibitions course due to the fact that they are located off campus at Grant Street Studios, 605. East Grant Street, Phoenix, Az. 85004.

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