Art Exhibition Class

Exhibition Planning &
Gallery Management
CONTACT: Dr. Grant Vetter

Choose from 11 Independent Courses in Curatorial Studies.


1. Curatorial History​

2. Curatorial Design:

3. Curatorial Practice:​


4. Post-Colonial Curating:


5. Feminism and Curating:​

6. Collaboratice Curatorial Practice:​

7. Curating and Cultural Anthropology:​


8. Curating and Globalization:​


9. Curating and New Media:​


10. Curating in Alternative Spaces:


11. Philosophies of Curating:



...or Propose Your Own Course of Independent Research in Curatorial Studies.

Independent study is a blend of in-class participation and outside reading and research.

Contact the instructor if you plan on enrolling in ARA 560 to begin planning a course of study thorughout the term that fits your research intersts. 

ARA 560 is a graduate level course in curatorial studies that offers both the broad knowledge of ARA 460 with an additional independent study component that is focused on specific interests in the field of curatorial studies.


Those students enrolled in ARA 560 do not have to do the museum and gallery reviews that Students in ARA 460 do, but they do have to produce a final paper, proposal or project related to their research.

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