Art Exhibition Class

Exhibition Planning &
Gallery Management



ARA 460: Gallery Exhibitions is an upper division course. Throughout the term you will become familar with the Valley's leading art institutions, you will review the kinds of shows they do, you will have opportunities to get published, you will have the chance to work with artists installing and de-installing shows, you will have numerous opportunities to engage the public and talk about art while being a dosent, and even a chance to propose your of your own exhibitions.

Professional Installation of an Exhibition at ASU > 50% Final/Midterm


Each student must participate in either the mid-term installation or a final installation that will run from 3pm-9pm with one hour off for dinner. This is the only time that students are repsonsible for completing an install from start to finish. 

Developing Show Poster Proposal to Submit > 50% Final/Midterm


You will need to write a Show Poster Proposal as your part of your final. If you want your proposal to go before the gallery comittee at the end of the term you must write PLEASE SUBMIT TO THE GALLERY COMMITTEE on the proposal. Otherwise, your proposal will only be graded.

Lectures on Writing and Curatorial Methodologies


Each week there will be a short lecture on a different writing methodologies and/or curatorial methodologies. You can take notes in class but if you need to review them the powerpoint presentations will be posted in Blackboard and the style guides are posted here under the 460: Homework link. Notes will not be graded and are for your own edification. 



Gallery Sitting: 20 Possible days sitting/Install/deinstall: 20 Points

Gallery experience: 20 points. 

20 Possible 1 hour shifts (may be less, but we still give you full points)

You lose one point the first time you don't show up, 2 points the second time, 3 points the 3rd time, 4 points the 4th, etc.

1 Missed shift = 1 point lost

2 mised shifts = 3 points lost total

3 missed shifts = 5 points lost total

4 missed shifts = 10 points total

5 missed shifts = 15 points total

6 missed shifts = 0 points for gallery sitting

If you know you have to miss a shift see if you can swap with someone in the class or e-amil the T.A. to see if swapping shifts is possible. If something unexpected comes up contact the gallery T.A. immediately, we can usually find someone to cover but we have to know about it! Failure to switch or contact the course T.A. will result in a loss of points. 


Homework: 10 Homework assignments total: 50 points

10 Exhibition Reviews: Every art review is worth 5 points. 


10 Poster proposals: Every show poster proposal is worth 5 points.


Any mix of Reveiws or Poster Proposals that adds up to 10 assignments total. 

Homework = 50 point


Mid-Term / Final: 30 Points

Mid-term Install: 15 points (Fall: New Graduate Show Install / Spring: Nathan Cummings Travle Grant Award Show)


Final Install: 15 points (Fall: Undergraduate Winter Juried Show / Spring: Graduate Summer Juried Show)


Final show proposal poster with press release: 15 points


Grading Rubric

Points = Percentages

A+ = 97-100pts A = 93-96pts A- = 90-93pts

B+ = 87-89pts B = 83-76pts B- = 80-83pts

C+ = 77-79pts C = 73-76pts C- = 70-73pts

D+ = 67-69pts D= 63-66pts D- = 60-63pts

F/E = Below 59 points

If you have any questions about your grade at any time, please contact the instructor or TA.






Art Review and/or Show Proposal Poster Schedule: Overview of course work at a Glance


1. Formalist art review and/or proposal (5 points)

This method of writing is often use to described formal innovations in an “Emerging Artist Show” or a “New Turn in an Artist’s Work”.

Show Proposal: “Favorite new artists” or “Dramatic departure in the work”.


2. Iconography art review and/or proposal (5 points)

This method of writing often describes a Greatest Hits Show of canonized pieces or seminal figures in art.

Show Proposal: “Favorite well known artists” or “Favorite well known pieces”


3. Biographical/Psychological review and/or proposal (5 points)

This method of writing often describes an artist’s life and personal struggles.

Show Proposal: “Retrospective Show” or a “Favorite single artist”.


4. Gender Studies review and/or proposal (5 points)

This method of writing is usually used to describe supposedly ‘normative’, biased, and prejudicial cultural assumption about gender, race and sexuality.

Show Proposal: “Favorite artist or artists that are critical of cultural norms”.


5. Social history review and/or proposal (5 points)

This method of writing is usually used to describe the social influence of living in a certain time and place on art production.

Show Proposal: “Favorite period of art” or “Favorite place where art was made”.


6. Semiotic/Structuralist art review and/or proposal (5 points)

This method of writing is usually used to describe a genre or art and its conventions.

Show Proposal: “Favorite genre of art” or “Favorite style of art”.


7. Deconstructionist / Post-Structuralist art review and/or proposal (5 points)

This method of art writing is usually used to describe experimental or exploratory works.

Show Proposal: “Favorite type pf art that you don’t know what it means”.


8. Comparative art Review and/or Proposal (5 points)

This method of writing is usually used to describe a Two Person Show or comparative works from two different schools, times, or places.

 Show Proposal: “Two favorite artists that you’d like to see in a show together” or “Two school or movements of art that you’d like to see together in a show”.


9. Art Historical Review and/or Proposal (5 points)

This method of writing is usually used to describe a big survey show or a big topic show.

Show Proposal: “Favorite ‘topic’ you’d like to see a show about”.


10. Gallery or Museum Review amd/or Proposal (5 points)

This method of writing mixes all the modes of analysis together to critique an exhibition or museum show.

Show Proposal: “Counterproposal to an already existing show” or a “Counterproposal to one of you your own past proposals”.




Every assignment is due the week after it is assigned. Make sure to check blackboard weekly!!!

You should be ready to present it in class and recieve feedback!!!



Getting Published > Developing Your Voice


Every week that you choose to review a show these reviews will be submitted to class T.A./R.A. for review and the best ones will be forewarded to the editor of the Artbeacons for possible inclusion in the RAW art writers program. These will only be submitted for publication if you write at the top PLEASE SUBMIT FOR PUBLICATION. If you do not write this then only a grade will be recorded.  

Field Trips > Taking pictures


When you go to see a work of art or an exhibtion you should take pictures of it if possible and you should take notes while you're actually in front of the work. Make sure to put these pictures in your review. Credit yourself as the photographer or credit the correct person if the gallery provides you with images. This is the proof that you actually went to the location and saw the exhibit. 

Writing Assignments > Art Reviews


Every week you will choose to do either a writing assignemnt or a show proposal poster. If you choose the writing assingment you have one week to write a short review of a show in town and be ready to present it to the class at the beginning of class. There are 10 writing methodologies taught in class for you to choose from. Make sure to list the method you adopt on your paper in order to get good feedback on your writing.

Choose Your Own Direction

ARA 460/560 Gallery Exhibitions gets two types of students primarily, those from the art history and museum track who tend to like to write more and those from the fine art major who tend to be more visually inclined. So this course allows you to choose whether you want to "design" your homework as poster proposals or write your observations about art reivews, or any mix thereof regardless of your major!  



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